Welcome Guests

We are thrilled that you are interested in visiting the Friendship Church of Christ.  We know visiting a new church can be a little awkward, so we created this page to give you an idea of what to expect when you worship God with us.

Online Guest Card

Sunday mornings can be busy, so filling out a guest card might be the last thing on your mind as you visit with us.  However, we want to get to know you and learn how we can serve your family.  So, if you plan to visit Friendship soon, or you recently visited but did not have an opportunity to fill out a guest card, please take a minute to register with us.  We will only use this information to serve you and will never share your info with third parties.

What to Expect During Your Visit

What to Wear

First, the folks at Friendship generally wear casual clothing (even the preacher often wears jeans).  So, feel free to come as you are and do not worry about your clothing.


We have several parking spots reserved for visitors by the front door, which can be helpful if you are running a little late.


Speaking of punctuality, we all strive to be on time, but we also know that sometimes the mornings can get hectic.  If you are running late, come on in to services anyway; you will not disturb the services.  If you cannot find an open seat, a member will be available to put out extra chairs for you and your family.


We love having children in our services, for we believe kids should see their parents worshipping God and setting an example of holiness.  So, do not feel bad if your child talks, gets out of his or her seat, or is a little fussy during services, for no one will judge you. 

On the first three Sundays of each month, we offer a children's worship service called "Bible Land" for kids ages 3 through 2nd grade.  Your child is invited to attend this service if you like, but he or she is also welcomed to remain with you in the assembly if you desire.

We also have a safe nursery available for newborns through two-years-old.  The nursery is overseen by responsible adult members and we take precautions to ensure your child is safe.

Order of Worship

During any of our Sunday services, you can expect the congregation to sing several songs of praise to God.  Our song selection is composed of contemporary works (like you hear on KLOVE) and classic hymns.  We sing all of our songs a cappella, that is, without the use of instruments.  A cappella singing is a longstanding tradition in church history (a cappella literally means, “the way of the church”) and helps us to focus on the lyrics we sing and gives us the unique opportunity to join our voices together to make a beautiful sound to God.


You can also expect a biblical sermon each week delivered in a way that is understandable, challenging, convicting, and never condemning.  Our preacher, Adam, is also available after the sermon, or at any time during the week, if you have any questions about the sermon or want to talk about God.


Following the sermon, we offer an “invitation” to any person who may have needs they wish to share with the church or our leaders.  This is a special time to ask for prayer, seek baptism, offer a public confession of sin, or arrange a time of counseling with a minister or shepherd of the church who will be stationed around the auditorium during the invitation song.


We also partake of the “Lord’s Supper” (also called “communion,” or the “Eucharist”) each Sunday.  During this time, we pass a loaf of bread and grape juice that represent the body and blood of Jesus.  During this time we remember Jesus’ last supper, death, burial, and resurrection.  We practice “open communion,” so you are welcome to partake of the bread and juice if you feel comfortable.


Following the Lord’s Supper, we take up a financial offering to support the work of the church and our several ministries.  As a guest, please do not feel compelled to give financially.  If you wish, you may place a guest card or prayer request card in the collection plate as it goes by.  You can also complete a guest card or prayer request card online.

Gift Bags and Follow-Up

We love our guests and want to honor you during your visit.  However, we will NEVER embarrass you by asking you to stand up or raise your hand to acknowledge your presence.  You can expect members of the church and the preacher to approach you and welcome your family to Friendship (but again, this will not be done in an awkward way that brings unwanted attention).  In addition, we like to bless our first-time guests with a gift bag filled with Friendship swag (there is some cool stuff in there).  Before you leave services, one of our hospitality ministers will give you a gift bag and ask that you fill out a visitor’s card.  If you choose to fill out a card (completely optional), someone form the church will follow up with you later in the week to see how Friendship might be able to serve you.